Music reactive infinity mirror

I've started playing around with programming music reactivity via audio waveform spectrum analysis and created this LED tunnel in a frame I designed and 3D printed. Music by Nero.          

Suture of the Future 

I am singlehandedly developing a highly realistic virtual reality suturing simulator to aid medical students and residents in learning and mastering suturing technique. When complete, this program will be released for free for all VR headsets. 

Custom 3D Printed Plaques 

I have been designing and 3D printing plaques to display my friends' match results. I am constantly humbled by all these talented people and this is the least I could do for them. 

Breast Calc 

I designed the first software to allow plastic surgeons to easily measure breast volume pre-operatively via MRI data. This program is still under development but initial results are highly accurate. 

Infinity cube

I created this infinity cube using 2-way tinted acrylic panels. I designed the 3D models for the frame, printed them, wired in LED strips, and coded the animations.  

Miami strong masks

I built and maintained 5 3D printers in order to 3D print over 750 respirators during the Coronavirus pandemic. Working alongside my brothers, we donated these respirators to healthcare workers and the Miami homeless population.                    

Breast implant analyzer 

I developed the first publicly-available application to measure breast implant volume pre-operatively via MRI data. This standalone software has been shown to produce 98.6% accurate results and is designed to be as easy-to-use as possible. 

512 LED Cube 

I soldered together an 8x8x8 LED cube and wrote software to control the microcontroller, as well as a GUI to generate designs like the one shown here.

Thingiverse repository 

I have modeled numerous objects that can easily be 3D printed. Check out my Thingiverse page for more details.

GITHUB Repository

I have uploaded some of my code to Github for others to learn or improve on. I have multiple LED/arduino related projects, my 3D Slicer extensions, and even a custom functional operating system written in BCPL!