About Me

     For as long as I can remember, I've been excited about technology and motivated by understanding complex systems. From installing custom apps on the original iPhone in middle school, to building my own 3D printer, to coding my own operating system in a deprecated language, I love taking things apart, figuring out how they work, and putting them back together better than they were before. Naturally, this passion has led me to pursue Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

      My goal is to fuse all my interests in order to improve patient outcomes and surgical standards of care. I plan to utilize my unconventional background, which includes triple-majoring in theoretical math, computer science, and chemistry. I attended the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and I will be a resident in Integrated Plastic Surgery at Hofstra/Northwell.

      I am lucky in that I can learn quickly and still have time for hobbies and friends to lead a more well-rounded experience. I enjoy 3D printing, virtual reality, poker, board games, cooking, working out, airbrushing, exploring on my motorcycle, listening to podcasts, and overfeeding my fat cat.